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Cypress is happy to receive script and story submissions from known agents, but we're not equipped to handle unsolicited manuscripts. If, however, you would like to send us a BRIEF e-mail describing your completed screenplay, we may ask to read the actual script. And unless you say something truly frightening, we always reply courteously. And remember: we are an independent film production company, which means that your screenplay about ALIEN INVADERS BLOWING UP NEW YORK will not find a home here. We further suggest that you click on "DEVELOPMENT" and "FILM & TV" to the left before you send a synopsis of your project. You will have a better idea of what we like. And note that the latter category doesn't include comedies about loveable wiseguys that accidentally kidnap the mob boss's daughter. And if you have an explanation for the recent spate of weird dinosaur projects - keep it to yourself!

Addendum: Asian Giant Hornets are terrifying. We will never in a million years make a film about bugs, especially ones that swarm and sting repeatedly. Or sorcerers. And do we need to reiterate that sci-fi is a non-starter here? Well, apparently yes we do, and it is. And a final note: enjoy the rest of your life in the DC Comics copyright infringement penitentiary, author of "Batgirl."

Some Suggestions
When submitting synopses or treatments, please limit your submissions to one project at a time. When we receive emails or letters listing the seven completed screenplays that you've written, we get the distinct impression that you are throwing the proverbial shit at the wall and seeing if anything sticks. Take a moment to review our website (congratulations, you are already doing that) and tailor your submission to what you think might be a good fit for us. Also, address your letter or email to a specific person, not "To Whom it May Concern" or "Hello!." This personal touch also tells us that you care enough to have taken the time to research our company.

Also, please read this Village Voice blog by A History of Violence screenwriter Josh Olson:

We work with a composer, Joel Goodman, with whom we are very happy. If you have other music you would like to have considered as source or needle drop for one of our films, please send a link to your music or mail a CD to the attention of Kim Moarefi at the address below. We had previously said that we would not accept audio cassettes, but, being the Luddites that we are, we will now give preferential treatment to anyone who submits music in the form of a cassette. Furthermore, if you send us a wax cylinder record of your compositions, I will solemly vow that we will listen to it on a cylinder phonograph and use your music in one of our films. It's prominence on screen will be inversely proportional to how terrifying it is. Interested? You may need to contact THE VICTROLA GUY, also featured on YouTUBE.

Please address all submissions to the attention of Kim Moarefi.

While we prefer email, you may also send us a letter by US Mail, but we will not reply unless you enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope, postcard or email address.

To email Kim, click on the mail guy:

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"Calling daily and making us feel guilty most often causes us to want to respond quickly, but the results are usually not favorable."
Dylan Leiner, Sony Pictures Classics (quoted on indieWIRE:People)