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Disclaimer: NEW! means new to us, not necessarily the world.
And while we freely admit to finding most of these websites interesting, educational, and/or amusing, please do not misinterpret our fun-loving spirit as an actual endorsement of the content therein, if any.


Parker Posey's Suburbia Journal
It's just like having a conversation with Parker Posey, only you don't get to say anything. But, sadly, indieWIRE has removed the article. Perhaps they will see this link and restore it. Perhaps not.

Here are some other indie film sites, some by folks who have chronicled the making of their independent films on the web.  Please click on the Mail Guy to e-mail us if you have a web site for your independent film and we will list it here, although bear in mind that we are primarily interested in sites that contain an anecdotal diary or journal as opposed to the purely promotional ones.

  • Smiling Through the Apocalypse
    Tom Hayes' smart and funny documentary film about his dad, Harold Hayes, editor of Esquire Magazine in its heyday, the 1960's.

  • Buster - Lovisa Inserra's first film. An outstanding indie film website that will surely preface a brilliant filmmaker debut. Plus, it stars the charismatic Cosmo Inserra in the title role and the lovely Sandra Andreis as the female lead. If you like the look of the Buster site, give Lovisa a holler -- she does web design, too.

  • Southbounders - An indie film about thru-hikers on the Appalachian Trail. FilmThreat says: "feels more natural than most Hollywood films and has a subtle realistic charm."

  • Julia D'Amico Films - Julia is a talented documentary filmmaker. Read about her most recent film, "The Highwaymen," the story of James Gibson and other itinerant black landscape painters of Florida.

  • The One Second Film - The brainstorm of Nirvan Mullick, best known (to us) for The Box Man, a brilliant animated short film. You can join the thousands of other producers (7272 as of 4/02/07) of this 70mm film by making a donation of as little as $1. The film will be one second long and the credits/making of documentary will last... a lot longer. All profits will benefit The Global Fund for Women. "Without each and every one of you, this film would be next to nothing." Here is my producer page.

  • VEGETATION - A struggling screenwriter named Byron Snyder announced plans to auction off his screenplay Vegetation on eBay. The author's website says the script, about an alien plant, "combines the feel and look of the movie Alien with the movie, Little Shop of Horrors along with the flavor of Towering Inferno." The opening bid was $25,000, but I guess it didn't sell. The Day of the Triffids meets Three's Company?

  • STONE READER - A fascinating documentary about the director's quest for a highly acclaimed yet long-lost author.

  • HARROW BEAUTY - Chronicles the on-going process of bringing Harvestman to the screen. Written by Paul Schattel, Harvestman is a coming-of-age story set in a mysterious and sleepy North Carolina hamlet. "A thought-provoking, hypnotic thriller."

  • D-WORD.COM - A site about the making of HOME PAGE, a documentary shown at Sundance '99 (see also "Justin" in Time to Kill Dept. below). One of the most interesting sites, in that it explores the web phenomenon of wanton gut-spilling, and, indeed, indulges in it as well. This is also a great site for documentary filmmakers seeking like-minded individuals.

  • STRANGER THAN PICTURES - A somewhat chaotic site (in terms of graphics), but it has an entertaining journal on the making of THE PIG FARM, an indie film.

  • DIG MY GRAVE - The official website. The director's diary goes off on lots of tangents, but I found that appealing.

  • MOTION CITY FILMS - A well designed website with a journal on the making of DOUBLE DOWN, a low-budget feature.

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There is a huge amount of information out there for filmmakers and film buffs, as well as services designed for the indie filmmaker.  This list barely scratches the surface.



  • - Movie Posters! NEW!
    Created in 1996, Barewalls has over 100,000 classic and contemporary movie posters available on its site.

  • Zero Circle Films - Film Discussion, Analysis & Recommendation.
    A thoughtful and well written website devoted to the discovery and joy that Richard Hobby has found in the cinematic arts. "I became enchanted with movies when I was very young. I have seen thousands of them in my quest to find films of intelligence and heart. What great happiness whenever I discover a great film I did not know!".

  • The Internet Movie Database - Loads of info, including cast & crew, on films, TV movies, episodic television, etc. (Cypress' various projects are listed). In recent years the site has become incredibly cluttered with ads, but it's still the best site for info about film production and the people that participate on all levels.

  • - "Your Taste Engine for Movies and TV." Type in a few words that describe the film you're interested in finding or watching and Jinni creates a list of recommended films, complete with a still photograph, sized adccording to how closely it matches your search criteria.

  • The Movie Timeline - Forget about actual history; what day did the Poseidon capsize? I'm not sure if anyone knows, but if they do, it will be listed on the Movie Timeline. Starting in 65,000,000 B.C., when Racquel Welch roamed the earth (or was that a mosquito?), the timeline places every imaginable movie event when it "actually" occurred.

  • Hottest Hollywood Assistants - Once again redefining the meaning of the term "timesuck." You can anonymously submit your assistant's name. But, be careful what you wish for; voting is instant and anonymous and the average rating for those desperately seeking hotness seems to be about 3.0 (out of 10). AS OF 4/03/06 THE SITE HAS BEEN SUSPENDED

  • Rotten Tomatoes - Massive amounts of data on films and celebrities, featuring release dates, reviews, video/DVD info, trailers, entertainment news, etc.

  • - Want to know when a film is going to be released and by whom? This is the site for you, my friend.

  • Albert Maysles Glasses - Jess Search of Shooting People tells an amusing anecdote of how she ended up with documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles' spare pair of glasses and offers a gallery of photos of various people wearing the very same specs.

  • Anima - A compendium of early cinematic devices, complete with lots of little animations.

  • DeMan's Cinemorgue - An index of actors and their on-screen deaths. More proof that the web encourages obsessive compulsive behavior. Creepy!

  • Film Sound - Everything you could possibly want to know about the sounds of the movies, from Foley to sound clichés to music. Exhaustive and not very well spell-checked.

  • The History of the Movieola - You know, that funny green thing they used to edit films on before the Avid and Final Cut Pro. "The fact that Movieola remains the worldwide film editing standard, 63 years after its introduction, will forever attest to the Serrurier genius." We have one in our office, just in case.

  • Film Mogul - An on-line game that let's you work your way up the ranks to become a virtual studio head. Complete with back-stabbing and ruthless self-promotion.

  • - A site that has links to hundreds of official film websites.

  • The Louise Brooks Society - "An homage to the art of the silent film as well as one of its most luminous stars." (NYT)

  • DVD Tracks - DVD commentary tracks recorded by fans, as opposed to actors or directors. A fun idea.

  • Commentary Archive - They will be posting fan DVD tracks, too.

  • - "Eggs" are hidden features found on many DVDs, such as audio clips, trailers, outtakes and micromentaries. This site tells you how to find a bunch of them.

  • Movies for Guys - "Movies For Guys is a site dedicated to movies guys like to see. We're talking about movies with lots of action, babes, comedy and the occasional drama as well (who didn't like Braveheart?)."

  • Fast Rewind - The place to learn about "those awesome movies that made the 80's one of the most diverse in cinema history..."

  • The Nitpicker Site - "Amateur-looking" site for fans of continuity errors. Filmmakers (like me) hate these kind of sites, because they ignore the real truths of filmmaking -- storytelling and character development in favor of, well, nitpicking stupid details. If this is why you go to the movies -- enjoy!

  • Movie Mistakes - Yeah, okay, here's another. Have some more fun.

  • Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics - "When supposedly serious scenes totally disregard the laws of physics in blatantly obvious ways it's enough to make us retch." Geez, get a life, Tom.

  • Citatum: Movie Quotes - A collection of (fewer than 200) choice movie lines on a site that includes mostly literary quotes.

  • - A site with an archive of more than 40,000 sound effects. Obscene sounds are filtered from the index, however, proving that they just don't get the point of the web.

  • Moviesneak - The movie hopper's guide. Advice on how to sneak into films at your local cineplex, such as: "follow a wandering child."

  • MoviePooper - Not to be confused with Moviesneak. This site gives away surprise endings to films (e.g.: The Crying Game -- OhMyGod she's a he!).

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  • Film Handbook - NEW! "Film Handbook teaches independent filmmakers how to create high-quality films for low-budget productions. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a high-quality film. But you do need to plan efficiently to reduce your costs. Knowing advanced production, camera, audio, lighting, and directing techniques will ensure that your film is of high-quality. Planning your marketing and distribution strategy early during pre-production will increase your chances of selling your film."
  • FilmFreeway - You can now submit to more festivals on FilmFreeway than Withoutabox®.
  • MovieSet - What is MovieSet? "MovieSet is a platform and tool kit that integrates with the actual production workflow process in order to enable the creation of authentic real time content. Its ultimate objective is to build core audience over each project’s life cycle from Development through Distribution. Fans can authentically track each film’s progress from green-light through to delivery. We know that during Production the prime directive is to get the movie in the can on time and on budget. At the same time, marketing is mission critical. Each film featured on MovieSet™ uses our software to integrate with Production and create a dynamic web presence."
  • Blip.TV - "We're the next generation television network. We've been leveling the playing field for independent shows since May 11, 2005. Independent show creators are great at making content. We're great at technology, business development, distribution and advertising sales. It's a match made in heaven."
  • CreateSpace - "CreateSpace is an on-demand distribution platform, enabling filmmakers to make their products available to potentially millions of customers on and other channels without requiring an upfront investment. You start making money with your first sale, and again with each subsequent sale. Your films will appear as in-stock DVDs for sale on, as well as be available through other distribution channels. They will also be eligible for possible email and/or online promotion as part of the CreateSpace disc-on-demand program."
  • - " is now the most advanced communication, networking and resource tool for the entire Entertainment Industry. The website was built specifically with functionality for Everyone involved in the creation, production and distribution of film, television, music and digital media. Registration and Membership for all companies and individuals in the entertainment industry is FREE!" I'm not sure what you'll get at this superlative-heavy site, but give it a whirl.
  • IndieGoGo - "Don't just choose the movies to watch... Choose the movies to make." IndieGoGo uses the Internet as a tool for independent film financing. It's a social marketplace where filmmakers and fans can connect to make independent film happen. Filmmakers can raise money and awareness, find cast and crew, and gain credibility through the help of their number one resource, the fans.
  • - is a multimedia directory and interactive platform and a comprehensive index of every relevant company in film and television.
  • - Rentals is a new on-line rental booking service for the Film, TV and Video industries. Make your rental products accessible to the more than 20,000 professionals that come to every day. From camera equipment to location venues, from recording studios to postproduction suites, from mobile unit vans to camera cars, everything can be rented on Rentals
  • The Independent Magazine - "The Independent is Back! The 30-year-old magazine devoted to independent media makers made its online debut October 1st, 2007. As you may have heard, Independent Media Publications has come forward to take over the online and print publication of The Independent, formerly published by AIVF, the Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers. The magazine has been a vital publication to the community of independent media-makers from its first publication in 1978 through July 2006. We believe there would have been a gap left with its absence. So with time generously donated by board members, staff, writers, and interns and only $2,500 in cash, we launched this website featuring hundreds of past Independent articles, a comprehensive 'learn' section for new and working filmmakers, classified advertisements, personal online accounts, and more. In addition, we will have relaunched the monthly magazine online -- so expect regular blogs, monthly interviews and features, as well as vlogs, books and more coming soon."
  • Bullet Film - "Share your films. You don’t know what to do with your short films and you don’t know how to get loads of people to watch your movies. Now you don’t have to worry any more because was created especially for people like you who are industry professionals and would like to expose and promote their work over the quickest and fastest growing medium the Internet."
  • CustomFlix - A service for filmmakers interested in self-distribution of their films on DVD through The CustomFlix DVD on Demand service produces DVDs as customers order them and allows you to sell DVDs without ever paying for inventory. They are waiving their set up fees for the next one thousand independent films and CDs published through Disc on Demand (4/07).
  • IndieProducer - Moviemakers from all over the country benefit from the free exchange of information with this online film community that also hosts networking parties as well as screenwriting and short film contests each year.
  • Truly Indie Film Distribution - "Direct access to distribution services for innovative films and filmmakers." An alternative to traditional distribution for indie films. Sounds great, and they seem to be getting high marks from filmmakers, but they don't answer the big question on their FAQ: Who ends up footing the bill for all of this fabulous distribution?
  • [Blanks] on a [Blank] - "To us, the success of SNAKES ON A PLANE is a foregone conclusion [Oh, yeah? I guess that didn't really pan out]. And when any film is a success, sequels are inevitable. But how do you follow up the brilliance of S.O.A.P.? Do you put snakes somewhere else? Do you put a different animal on a plane? The options, of course, are endless, and as we were sitting around a table at a pub talking about all the different possible cinematic combinations, we realized that we really, really, really we wanted to see all those movies become a reality. And so we set up the Blanks On A Blank film-making challenge, giving the whole world the chance to show us the future of animal/vehicle disaster films."
  • The Short Film Network - "The Short Film Network (SFN) is a cooperative organization that is dedicated to provide exposure and praise for short films and their filmmakers while providing highly creative and original content to astute audiences. The programs of SFN include EXPOSURE: Short Stories on Film compilations on DVD, the Short Film Academy, and the Annual Short Film Awards."
  • VisualNet - The International FILM, TV and AD Production Directory. Nice, uncluttered site.
  • Toxic Shock Indie-Classifieds - A site devoted to horror films and the like. Check out their new Indie film listings: Services, Announcements, Crew & Casting Calls, Help Wanted, Equipment for Sale & Equipment for Rent. Some creepy skulls with fangs, too!
  • Reverse Shot - "The New Magazine of Film Culture." Interviews, symposiums, reviews. An eminently browseable site. Plus, they provide reviews for indieWIRE. I rather like their blog. And I especially enjoyed their recent blistering skewering of Reese Witherspoon. Someone has to say such stuff.
  • indieIN - indieIN offers free film listings to independent filmmakers with shorts and feature films playing in festivals, as well as to filmmakers who are self-distributing. Launched earlier this year, indieIN provides show times and information for independent and foreign films playing both theatrically and in film festivals in the United States, Canada, and the UK. By using indieIN Film Listings, festival filmmakers can create a "personalized" page for their films, including show times, synopsis, cast/crew, and photos. [Brian Brooks, indieWIRE] "Because there is more out there."
  • INDIETRAILER.COM "We work with Independent Film producers to promote their films. Our services include: Trailers, Graphic Design, Promo Reels, Key Art, EPK's, Posters, TV Spots, Fliers, Publicity Packages, Wild Postings, Web Site Design, Direct Mail and Email Marketing. We've created Award Winning trailers for such films as: 9 ½ Weeks, Terminator 2, Unforgiven, Total Recall and 2004 Festival Favorite - Easy." CONTACT: Chris Arnold 6855 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90038. Phone: 323-337-0393   Cell: 323-697-1747
    e-mail: chris*at*
  • " is an exclusive entertainment industry networking website... has thousands of NYU Grads and/or industry members - creatives, executives, investors, talent, techs, business people. Every member can network with everyone else, create a presence and showcase their info, photos, projects, etc." It's invitation only to join, but a good percentage of the member profiles are accessible to the public.

  • Quickflicks "Quickflicks Accepting New Members for 2006. One month. One film. Every Month. No Excuses. Are you ready to put your filmmaking skills into fast forward? Quickflicks is now accepting applications for new members in 2005. We meet once a month to screen and critique our latest work. For more info on how we work, see If you want to apply to join, send an email to newmembers (at), listing: 1) Your name; 2) What brand and model camera you shoot on; 3) What editing system you use; 4) What kind of filmmaking experience you have; and 5) Why you want to join Quickflicks."

  • The Indie Gathering - The 2006 event was held on August 4th, 5th and 6th at the Independence Holiday Inn. "Participants are some of the top people in the film industry. The Indie Gathering will include an independent film festival and convention. Other events will include a celebrity banquet (inductions to the "Star Hall of Fame"), free lectures, and seminars, acting competition, stunt competition, celebrity party, script competition and much more! No other event will have the networking possibilities that this gathering will provide. Awards will include trophies to 6 feet tall! Distributors, investors and film publications will be present."

  • New York City Film Resources - An online resource for independent filmmakers: "The ultimate contact directory and buyer's guide for NYC film and media professionals." Divides companies and contacts into 17 different categories, including "Distribution," "New York Film Blogs," "Screenwriting" and "Talent and Casting." They have made it really easy to add a link to your site.

  • Shooting People - Another online resource for independent filmmakers. A huge success in the UK, it was launched in New York in September 2003. The site features an online profile for members, a daily e-mail newsletter and an extensive database of members, fully searchable by names, profession, e-mail address and categories such as "Films I wish I had made."

  • Stellar Network - Yet another online resource for independent filmmakers, also with branches in New York and the UK. This one has the advantage of a website designed by Lovisa. $65 annual fee to be a member.

  • The Tiny Picture Club - A Portland, Oregon collective of Super 8 filmmakers. They share equipment, develop their own film (check out the "Recipes" section of their website) and even compose and perform live musical accompaniments for their quarterly screening series. Great logo, too -- reminiscent of the Shelter Records logo before DC Comics demanded an adjustment.

  • Ten Second Films - Create and upload your own ten second film. Submitted films will be judged and the winners chosen on March 10, 2003. First prize is $1,000. Brought to you by Candide Media, a web design and production company.

  • The 48 Hour Film Project - Just what it sounds like: after contestants draw a film genre out of a hat, they have 48 hours to write, shoot and edit their short films. Winners' films have gone on to play at prestigious film festivals. Some similar contests: The Challenge; The 24 Hour Video Race; MadeInAWeekend; The Vancouver ReelFast 48 Hour Film Festival; 24-Hour Film Contest. And for those of you that feel this is all just too fast-paced and modern, there's the 72 Hour Film Contest.

  • CustomFlix - DVD authoring & on-demand duplication; self-distribution with an e-store, streaming trailer and online promotion ($49.95 set-up fee).

  • The Film Festival Channel - Films chosen to air on the cable channel will be broadcast in the Summer of 2004. Viewers will be able to cast votes for their favorites on the internet or by telephone. Many categories accepted, but sorry, no porn.

  • - International film and TV production resources.

  • CustomFlix - "CustomFlix has created a complete system to help you independently distribute your films worldwide. There's no inventory. No minimums. No exclusivity. And no hassles!" DVD authoring and self-distribution support.

  • FilmBuzz - "Do you know what audiences are saying about your film? FilmBuzz does." They conduct audience surveys at film festivals.

  • - A website for indie filmmakers. Contains links to 800+ filmmaker sites. "The #1 filmmakers networking site on the net!"

  • IndieFilm - "The place for independent filmmakers on the internet."

  • ReelUniverse - A website devoted to helping indie films find distribution. In some cases you can buy films directly from the filmmaker. Includes synopses, reviews, streaming video trailers and lots of links, too.

  • Film Festivals - An indispensable database of most film festivals with website links. Thanks, Mark!

  • - Another Film Festival Database.

  • Tape List - A new service that will submit trailers of indie films to distributors and/or agents for their consideration.

  • Film Finders - A place to list your film for free. Distributors pay to peruse the listings.

  • D. Film - A haven for independent films.

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  • MovieMaker Magazine - "The Art and Business of Making Movies. The most widely-read independent movie magazine in the world." Another magazine and website for indie filmmakers, chock full of practical hands-on filmmaking information. Not to be confused with similarly titled but presumably less widely circulated "Filmmaker" magazine. The Summer 2006 issue, the 2007 Guide to Making Movies and the Fall 2006 issue all feature articles by Joseph Pierson writing in collaboration with filmmaker Bruno Coppola on their experiences at film festivals worldwide. For PDF files of all three articles, follow this link.

  • IndieWIRE - The latest news from the independent film world, delivered daily to your email inbox (if you wish). "Essential!" - J. Pierson

  • - Resources for filmmakers and hundreds of links to other film sites. This is "Not Filmmaker Magazine!"

  • Filmmaker Magazine - This is Filmmaker Magazine!

  • - But, this is not Filmmaker Magazine! "Cinematic links a-go-go" by category. "Great one-stop film info shopping" (quotes from EW).

  • - Mostly mainstream coverage of the entertainment world.

  • Deep Focus - Lots of film reviews -- and "no drooling references to Drew Barrymore."

  • Cinemachine - The Movie Review Search Engine.  Another great service found only on the web.

  • Ain't it Cool News - The home of Harry Knowles, legendary e-critic famous for his ability to scoop studio films (also see "Fat Chicks in Party Hats" below).

  • Resolution 365 - "365 films...365 guy" Brian Quain's new year's resolution was to see a film a day for the entire year and post his reviews on this website. Well written, thoughtful reviews of Hollywood blockbusters & indie films.

  • Die Critics Die - "This site is dedicated to bashing critics. Feel free to submit his/her name if he/she hates a large amount of movies that most of us agree that are very good, and heartily enjoy too many that most of us agree that are blatantly bad." This one almost made it into the "Time to Kill" section!

  • The Movie Times - Rates films based on reader reviews. Lots of tiny stars and bar graphs showing the demographic breakdown.

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  • - "Hey Guys it's Noah. I started this awesome website for actors so we can find all the resources we need like coaches, photographers, sublets, doctors... everything...and we get to review and rate them. It's also a great place for those resources to advertise. The best part is... IT'S TOTALLY FREE. For everyone."

  • - A place to post your cast and crew needs for free. Appears to have mostly low- or no-budget indie and student film postings, as well as regional theater casting calls. But, hey -- you have to start somewhere.

  • You Cast It - "At we let the fans choose who they would like to see play their favourite characters, from novels, video games, comic books, etc. on the big screen. The fans want to be heard, gives them a platform to speak from. is also a tool for everyone in the film industry; with a few clicks of the mouse you can see which actors the fans love or hate for a part in a potential blockbuster film." The site also features casting news on Hollywood films that are in the works. A bit gossipy. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  • Who Represents - The site I've been yearning for! It tells you which agencies represent actors, directors, writers, etc. Also searchable in reverse. BUT, a site like this is only as good as the database, which depends on agents submitting information, an action for which they seem to have a visceral dislike. The site is affectionately known as "Whore Presents" around the office. Sorry, but it's kind of unavoidable. Also note that IMDb Pro lists agents for many people on their database as well. Neither service is free.

  • Film Industry Depot - "the one-stop-place for all those interested in the entertainment industry. Producers, Directors, Screenwriters and Actors will find helpful links as well as great opportunities for networking."

  • - Names and addresses of casting directors, talent agents, producers, managers, etc.

  • TalentMatch - "Talent, Industry and the fans that support them!" A website in which actors, directors, comedians, etc., can create profile in what they describe as "an online community designed to help aspiring and accomplished talent easily gain support, share their talents and gain worldwide exposure."

  • - A site created by Chip Signore, a NY-based 1st AD, for New York filmmakers. Contains many useful links and the beginnings of a crew database. Are you still there, Chip? I think the site got stalled in 2001.

  • CineCityFilm - Lists important facilities, addresses of businesses and production resources for independent filmmakers working in New York City.

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  • ScreenWriting Productions - Browse loglines and screenplays posted by screenwriters. Categories include: Screenplay Submissions, Screenplays Wanted, Post Loglines. Free script coverage.
  • Ink Tip Writers' Script Network - A free service to the industry. Their brochure cites 11 scripts found through their service that have been produced. They list scripts that have won contests and festivals, some that are represented by agents and managers, as well as listings by genre. And note the correctly placed apostrophe. Sweet.

  • Drew's Script-O-Rama - Links to more than 600 famous screenplays and some unproduced screenplays for sale.

  • American Zoetrope - "A virtual Schwab's drugstore for screenwriters" says The N.Y. Times.

  • Setton Sun Productions - "A small independent film company seeking scripts to be made into films. There is no fee and all scripts will be read."

  • The Mad Screenwriter - Internet resource directory for writers, performers and filmmakers with special sections for women in film and international filmmakers & writers.

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  • Movies Unlimited
    - A place to buy videos and DVDs on the web. Most of Cypress' films can be purchased here -- and if you do it through the above link, we get some pathetically small percentage of the sales price!

  • The Picture Palace - Where to go if you are looking for videos of "trashy camp films," "beat poetry" or "Persian and Iranian-American films." They have more than 52,000 obscure and hard-to-find titles.

  • Eddie Brandt's Saturday Matinee video store - 60,000 titles, 5,000 of which have never been officially released on video. They will deliver to anywhere in the country. NO WEBSITE; call 818-506-4242 for a catalogue.

  • Evergreen Video - Many out-of-print films, including more than 2000 foreign titles, more than 600 classic British TV shows and mini-series, more than 250 silent films and more American films from before 1970 than after. NO WEBSITE; call 212-691-7362. They are located at 37 Carmine Street, New York City.

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  • Vincent Gallo Merchandise - This is the place to find everything Vincent Gallo, from wardrobe to vintage film posters to sperm. The latter can be hand delivered for an additional charge. Something to think about while you watch your personally autographed DVD of The Brown Bunny.
  • Celebrity Study - Celebrity research, from the mundane to the extreme. A clinical look at stalkers.

  • Celine Dreams - Fans post their dreams about Celine Dion on this site. This is probably the definitive definition of nothing better to do with your time. But, wait a minute -- Britney has one too!!

  • Related to those above is Me and Billy Bob, a site featuring 11 really short films that are clips of Billy Bob Thornton to which Jillian Mcdonald has added her own image. Like what Billy Crystal does at the Oscars, only it cost less.

  • Obsessive Fan Sites - Here's where to go if you're an obsessive fan and want to see the fine work of other obsessive fans.

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This is why the web was created -- to replace television!

  • The Complete Little Nemo in Slumberland - The greatest comic strip in the history of comics. Need I say more? Brought to you by the Comic Strip Library.
  • The Rescued Film Project - "The Rescued Film Project is an online archive gallery of images that were captured on film between the 1930's and late 1990's. Each image in our archive was rescued from found film from locations all over the world, and came to us in the form of undeveloped rolls of film. We have the capability to process film from all era's. Even film that has been degraded by heat, moisture, and age. Or is no longer manufactured." A cool idea. I did it once and loved the weird images of someone else's vacation. Here's the Vice article about it: The Man Who Resurrects Thousands of Rolls of Undeveloped Film.
  • The Soul Storage Company - "Unburdening Made Easy." Yes, you can actually store your soul! It's apparently really easy, but I can't say for sure because I have not actually done it. Some famous people have, however, such as Paul Giamatti.
  • Stuff White People Like - A blog devoted to stuff white people like. I am white and it is true that I like all of this stuff. A lot.
  • - Everything you could possibly want to know about glass insulators, Gustave Falconnier's blown glass bricks and prism glass. Seriously, everything.
  • Undiscovered Bedrooms of Manhattan - This is like a great and wonderful poem--especially written for New Yorkers.
  • Watchismo - A reliquary of obscure timepieces from bygone eras as well as the cutting-edge designs of today. Including camera watches--pocket & wrist. Pretty darn nifty.
  • Dead Squirrels - Yes, they are the rodents you love to hate. If you have ever been awakened at 5:30 AM by their incessant scratchings in the wall right next to your head, you will enjoy this website. Die, Bobo, die!!!
  • Who is Eviler? - That's not really the name of the website, but it seemed to sum it up pretty well. "The Depravity Scale" just sounds too dry, but it is probably a more accurate moniker for this shockingly dull website about the relative depravity of different kinds of murderers. Where is all the splattered blood?!
  • The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America - Honestly, if you wait around long enough some obsessive person will catalog anything. Who really gives a shit about the location of stray shopping carts? Julian Montague, that's who!
  • The Unethicist - Now, don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of Randy Cohen's New York Times Magazine column, "The Ethicist," but the Unethicist makes me laugh. The Unethicist answers the same questions posed to the Ethicist each week. Another fine service brought to you by the snarkmeisters at
  • Spell with Flickr - If you need to write a ransom note, but are tired of the tedious process of cutting out individual letters and pasting them onto a piece of paper, this is the site for you. The site contains a large inventory of photos of letters from signs, which are accessed when you write a phrase in the white box. If you don't like the neon "i", just click on it and a replacement appears. This is a nearly perfect time-suck: simple, easy to use, yet with limitless possibilities. The complete works of Shakespeare? Why not!
  • The Straight Dope - "Fighting ignorance since 1973." The single best idea I've heard in a long time came from this site: Don't sign the back of your credit card; instead, write "Ask for picture ID" in the white stripe. If someone steals your credit card, they will have to produce a picture ID with your name on it and, if it's yours, look exactly like you. UPDATE: since I did this two months ago, not a single vendor has asked to see my picture ID. I love America.
  • L'Appariel Window Standpoint Series - Photos of windows from around the worlds with matching soundscapes. It sounds kind of dreamy, but the few I clicked on were slow to load and not, um, especially "artistic." And there are vast entire continents without any representation here. Africa? Hello. Don't these people know anyone? They need a MySpace page or DSL or something.
  • Overheard in New York - Yes, it's snarky, funny and, I suppose, all true. Anyway, why make up oddly inane or bizarre conversations when the real thing is all around us here in the City of Shows? I made a recent contribution under my nom du plume, "Pip Nosher."
  • Ze Frank's website - Can the busy ants of the web hive create comedy? We've already firmly established that collective collaboration is decidedly not the recipe for art. What chance is there for our funny bone to be successfully tickled by the masses working together? Slim, my friend, slim. But, bless Mr. Frank for trying. How else would we know for sure?
  • The Full House Career Pyramid - Yeah, this is "Time to Kill" core homework. Short. Sweet. Yet still, magically, a total waste of time.
  • Kids with Cameras - "Kids with Cameras is a non-profit organization that teaches the art of photography to marginalized children in communities around the world. We use photography to capture the imaginations of children, to empower them, building confidence, self-esteem and hope. We share their vision and voices with the world through exhibitions, books, websites and film. We are committed to furthering their general education beyond photography either by linking with local organizations to provide scholarships or by developing our own schools with a focus on leadership and the arts." Some of the pictures are stunning -- and you can buy them!
  • The Raconteurs Official Site - Thanks to Matt Dentler, the king of SXSW for pointing us to this rockin' site. If you like PONG, you'll love this.
  • - The Fake Trivia Site -- as if real trivia wasn't tedious enough. Annoy them by sending a strident email complaining that it's just not true that Home Depot sells 37 different varieties of sand.
  • The Swapatorium - My dear wife, aka The Displacement Activity Enabler (DAE), sent me this link. Little did she know, several hours of my life would disappear without a trace and I would be late for dinner... again. The Best of the Worst Thrift Store Art Contest was fantastic. Many excellent links to other fans of found photographs, amateur art, and brown crocheted dickeys. First class stuff.
  • The Broth - Another collaborative drawing site (see SwarmSketch below). This one uses mosaic tiles. You can see the little tiles getting dragged around by others in real time, which is cool. But, the transparency of the process also reveals how hopeless collaborative art usually is. So, don't expect the splendors of Pompeii.
  • Svenska Dansband - This one is for Lovisa. Uppdaterad 2/5 med fyra nya objekt!
  • Duff's Bar, Brooklyn - Jimmy Duff, co-owner of the late great Bellevue Bar in Hell's Kitchen, has created a masterpiece in Williamsburg. You'll find Duff's across the street from Jimmy's sweet ride, the "Pimpmobile" hearse on N. 3rd Street and Kent Avenue. That's Brooklyn, baby.
  • Design Your Own Subway Sign - All New Yorkers are familiar with the MTA's service announcements: small posters with nothing but bad news. But, your chance for revenge is here; this site lets you design your own convincing imitation signs. Post in the Subway at your own risk. Most of the entries in the archive are moronic or juvenile or both ("your a faggot"), but this is still a great opportunity for the cynical New Yorker with a wry sense of humor.
  • The Demolition of the Deutsche Bank Building - The single largest remaining physical reminder of September 11, 2001 is the Deutsche Bank building. It has been standing, shrouded and vacant on the south side of Ground Zero for more than four years. There is finally a plan to demolish the building and this video, courtesy of, shows, in astonishing detail, how the demolition will proceed. Fascinating.
  • Anagrams - "A man, a plan, a canal, Panama." No, wait -- that's a palindrome. There are many anagrams here, all conveniently located on one page. Rearrange letters 'til you're dizzy.
  • Open Bar - Somewhere in New York City there is an open bar (as in complimentary cocktails). If you don't have the connections to find it, fear no more -- this site will give you the skinny and the low-down with its Free Booze Locator. But, please, avoid the hysterical two-fisted drink swilling that will betray your web-based origins.
  • SwarmSketch - This is reminiscent of another site we had a link to here. The idea is that many people contribute to a drawing, in the manner of a bunch of ants all working for the collective good (milking aphids and whatnot). The result is meant to be the artistic equivalent of a happy hive. But, I stick by my earlier analysis -- all these drawings look like they were done by undernourished kids on crack. So, knock yourself out -- add a couple of lines.
  • Postsecret - You mail your secret anonymously on one side of a 4 X 6 postcard of your own design and they post it on the site. Some of the resulting confessions are great, others are a bit self-consciously poetically sad or "edgy." A fun site which has resulted in a book, a music video and a traveling exhibit.
  • Enclosures - A collection of ephemera found between the pages of secondhand books. Brought to you by Miko.

  • The Many Faces of Susan Hesse - This site demonstrates why too much free time is actually a good thing. Remember the book, Play with Your Food? By cutting out black & white photocopies of her husband's features and affixing them to everything from avocados to shaving cream, Susan has invented a wonderful world of somewhat somber creatures that, we suspect, all sort of resemble her husband. Susan herself appears now and again. I especially like the fork self-portrait.

  • Custom Creatures Taxidermy - Unusual taxidermy art by Sarina Brewer. I'm not a big fan of the skinned cats, but the Siamese squirrels is (are?) a riot and the FeeJee Mermaid is an extraordinary work of art. P. T. Barnum would have immediately put Sarina on retainer. "I call it art, you can call it whatever you want." The Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists website has links to other purveyors of this Satanic art form!

  • The Farber Gravestone Collection - This site has information on more than 9,000 gravestones in the Northeast, most predating 1800.

  • Hearse Drivers - Own a hearse? Wish you did? Visit this site to check out some bitchin' stock and custom hearse rides. Make special note of our buddy Jimmy's "Pimpmobile!" Sa-weet! "Your gonna havta ride in one someday. Might as well have a chance to enjoy the ride!"

  • Cigar Box Guitars - Yeah, they're guitars...made out of cigar boxes. "The smallest niche in music history."

  • Ron's Pen Art - To call these fantastic creations "inspired by Spirograph" does not do them justice. Ron has developed a unique new graphic art form using colored pens, drafting tools and a whole lot of patience.

  • Impact Calculator - If you feel that you don't have enough to worry about in your day-to-day life, visit this site. By inputting the size, speed, density and angle of approach, the site will calculate your chances of being vaporized by an incoming meteor. Or, in their own words: "This program will estimate the seismic, blast wave, and thermal effects of an impact as well as the size of the crater produced by the impact. The crater size is determined using pi-scaling." A decidedly utilitarian and unspiffy site brought to you by the friendly folks at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory in Arizona.

  • Digiquaria - An "aquarium of digital lifeforms inspired by waterlife." Frilly and ethereal, just like those little microscopic critters you see in pond water.

  • The Creatures in My Head - Andrew Bell is keeping track of his. How about you?

  • Fontifier Custom Fonts - What a great idea -- turn your own wretched handwriting into a font. For $9.00 you can inflict your now strangely consistent chicken scrawl on everyone, all the time.

  • Font Identifier - This is the Google of fonts. Is it Weiss or Bookman? Find out by using the handy font identifier. Weiss is one of my favorites and now I know it was designed by Emil Rudolf Weiss in 1926.

  • How Everyday Things Are Made - Fun for the whole family. Don't bother with a dial-up, though as there are fancy graphics and Flash animations.

  • An International Catalogue of Superheroes - Zarbot of the Philippines? Sweet.

  • Barcode Art - Celebrity portraits made from barcodes and other really cool stuff. Scott Blake has created a world of fun with the lowly barcode. You can also reduce yourself to a handy barcode by submitting data to the site. While we're on the subject, you might check out Shakespeare in a stream of microscopic barcodes at Something to do in between bagging groceries.

  • World License Plates - We always keep track of all of the different license plates we see on road trips, but now we don't even need to leave the house! An amazingly comprehensive collection of images of contemporary and past license plates from around the world. Want to know what a livery license plate looked like in Cuba in 2002? This is the place.

  • The Smart Car - How come we can't get these in the USA? They are the weirdest little cars. And now they've got a convertible AND a roadster! Arrgh! BUT, rumor has it that these teeny tiny gems will be available in the USA soon.

  • - Imploding buildings. Not as much fun as it used to be, but still somehow irresistible.

  • Hyperdictionary - This really belongs in a "Reference" section, but be honest, haven't you spent long moments thumbing through the dictionary marveling at all the big words you don't know? I certainly have. Features Dream, Medical, Thesaurus, English and Computer.

  • Drop the Rock - I usually avoid getting all political on this site, but this is such a good idea, I couldn't help myself. The site promotes the repeal of the Rockefeller drug laws in New York State. The laws are draconian and racist, filling our prisons with minor criminals. Bad. *The laws were recently revised, but the consensus seems to be that the revisions didn't go far enough.

  • Toilet Locator - Finally, a website that's actually useful. If only I had one of those wireless Palm gizmos. Don't get all "flushed with enthusiasm" just yet, however. A recent visit to the site revealed that the only toilets in the world are located in California and China (not counting the three in Massachusetts). Weird, I could have sworn I saw a toilet somewhere in New York City once...

  • World-Wide Media Exchange - "The World-Wide Media eXchange (WWMX) is a centralized index of digital photos, where photos are tagged by the geographic location where they were shot.  It's an experimental research project run by the Interactive Visual Media Group at Microsoft Research.  The project explores possibilities with digital photographs and geographic location.  The location where a photo was taken often provides strong clues about its semantic content and also offers an intuitive way to index it, even among a very large collection." Sounds all high-tech and superspecial, but I don't quite get it -- it's mostly a collection of shitty tiny fuzzy snapshots of uninteresting crap. Call me up when there are 10 million photos that are animated into a 3-D time lapse panorama.

  • This is Broken - A place to lodge a complaint about just about anything that isn't working the way it should. A fun site that gives consumers a voice in the design and maintenance of products and services. And some big anonymous corporations are apparently paying attention.

  • The Grammar Police - Sort of like the Language Taliban, only I don't think they actually execute anyone, even though they talk about it quite a bit. Their really mean!

  • Josh Gosfield's Mighty House of Pictures - I swear this is my new favorite website of all time! Josh and his pal Jesus Beat have accomplished what few before them could even dream of: making art out of html code. This may not be everybody's cup of tea, but I love it. And don't be frightened by the crazy home page; it's worth a further click on "Saint of the Month Club," the soul of the site.

  • Science Fiction Inventions - Talk about obsessive! There are more than 500 pseudo inventions catalogued here, all listed alphabetically with the name of the corresponding book and author. Links to real-life inventions are included. The outer limits of the definition for too much spare time!

  • The Payphone Project - The locations and phone numbers of payphones around the globe. "Stories, pictures, phone numbers and news from payphones and public telephony."

  • Telephone Exchanges - You know, like MUrray Hill 7. My home exchange is UNiversity 4, for Columbia University. Not as big a time-suck as some of the other listed sites, but I think it's cool.

  • Phone Spell - What does your phone number spell? I discovered a neat feature that's not described on the site: type in your name and it will tell you the phone number that corresponds.

  • RhymeZone - Type in any word and the site will spit out the words that rhyme with it. Go ahead - type "orange." You know you want to.

  • - Upload an audio file and the site will play it backwards. No download or special software required. I'm very bored.

  • Web Economy Bullshit Generator - Brought to you by Sample: benchmark transparent functionalities

  • - "Weird & wonderful off the wires" - odd press releases from around the world. Sorry, honey, can't talk any more, the phone's leaking.

  • The Pole Shift site - In their own words: "Even though ZetaTalk appears to have suffered a fatal blow to its credibility due to the failure of the expected pole shift in May 2003, it has scored significant past prediction accuracy in issues related to the subject to justify lasting attention." Whatever you say, Zeta.

  • Buddy Zoo - A site that tells you how popular you are, once you've uploaded your buddy list. Too damn much trouble for me and it will probably just confirm the worst.

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction - This one speaks for itself. Also available by doing an "I'm Feeling Lucky" search for the same phrase on Google.

  • WMTeam - This is simply the greatest website. But, don't bother going there unless you can accommodate Flash & a throbbing techno soundtrack.

  • PLEP - It's hard to say what this site is about, since it seems to be a completely random assortment of scores of the oddest links -- with no introduction or explanation. Hooray! There's someone out there with more free time than me!

  • Bambi the Mermaid - Sorry, Ellona, but Bambi is the new babe of the week. Be sure to check out Bambi's other outstanding website, Cornstar!

  • The Smoking Gun - You heard about it on the 11 o'clock news, but if you want to view the mug shots (Nick Nolte's is the best), read the e-mails, see the police reports, this is the site for you. The poop behind the headlines.

  • ELLONA - She's fabulous, she's alluring, she's Ellona!

  • Cardstacker - This one will only take you a second because as of this posting there's only one photo on the website. Pretty unusual stuff, though, especially if you've ever tried to stack more than 3 playing cards. It's just not possible!

  • Museum of Hoaxes - Features the "Hoax Photo Test" to see if you can tell the difference between digitally manipulated or staged images and the real thing. Here's one you won't have any question about.

  • Don't Link to Us - This site contains a log of links to sites that don't want to be linked to. That's like opening a retail store and saying you don't want customers, so let's all make links, shall we? Unless they foil us by using the Bozo utility (and does that nut Larry Harmon know that's what they call it?!).

  • - You can manipulate appliances, turn lights on and off and generally wreak remote havoc in Paul Mathis's house.

  • Unusual Museums - 72 collections are featured here. They're unusual!

  • The Museum of Online Museums - The Galleries section highlights the collections of individuals who are compelled to share their weird accumulations with the rest of us. Included are links to the Internet Museum of Oddity Records, the LSD Blotter Art Gallery and the Japanese Milk Bottle Tabs Museum. An outstanding time waster! NEW! The site now features an annex: MoOM Annex!

  • Harvard Miniature Golf - A friend called this a "time suck." Absolutely.

  • Crank Dot Net - An index of more than 1,000 pseudo-science sites ranked from "Cranky" (downright strange) to "Illucid" (Something so bizarre that it defies understanding). Where obsessive fans go for laughs.

  • The Smaller Picture - You get to choose whether the next pixel in an image is black or white. Eventually, based on the many tiny decisions made by many different people, the picture will either look like something or not. I went there and it all looked like crap. Ants are better at this sort of thing.

  • Dumb Warnings - You know, when the top step on the ladder says "NOT A STEP."

  • Fat Chicks in Party Hats- The controversial (and hilarious) site run by the mysterious Miguel with help from his acerbic pal, SeanBaby. Sample captions: "meat scandal story: 'sandwich queen hugs the porkball!!!'" and "Hello. There is a butt in my shirt."

  • SpamRadio - This site takes spam that arrives at its server and automatically converts it into a continuous audio broadcast. They have also archived audio clips of particularly bizarre spam. Great in theory, but I couldn't get it to work.

  • Culbertson's Phobia List - More than 500 names of phobias. Don't go here if you've got Anablephobia (fear of looking up stuff).

  • 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica - Pretty nifty, but I use an 1898 International Cyclopedia, thank you very much.

  • All Look Same? - This site has a test to see if you can tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese and Korean faces. In response to cries of racism, the person who created the site says that she is posing a question, not providing an answer. I got 9 out of 18 right (slightly better than average).

  • Halfbakery - A "well-managed and quite choosy" communal database of original, fictitious inventions. Plenty of dialogue amongst weirdo pseudo-inventors, too. Fried chicken flavored lip gloss? Handy.

  • iSee - The Institute for Applied Autonomy's site is an interactive map that shows walkers the path of least surveillance between any two points in Manhattan. Residents of the other four boroughs welcome!

  • The Urban Legends Research Center - You mean they're not really going to bomb all the malls on Halloween?

  • Animal Noises - The sounds animals make interpreted in 36 languages. Qvaak-qvaak.

  • Chili Peppers - Photos and heat ratings for more than 300 varieties of chili peppers. More essential information!

  • The Museum of E-Failure - Home pages archived by the site's creator, Steve Baldwin, are the only surviving elements of websites that have crashed and burned (unless you count the occasional sock puppet for sale on eBay). This site has collected hundreds of defunct home pages. So, what happens if Steve's site goes under? I guess we can check Deleted Domains to find out.

  • - Features a true random number generator, using atmospheric noise (whatever that is). There is also a truly random virtual coin toss for those sticky decisions -- and you can choose the type of coin that's flipped. Heads or tails? 

  • OZ Prison Names - Get your very own prison nickname. Without going to jail! My name is Ugly Skanky Bitch Twat (no one said it would be pretty).

  • Bert is Evil - Poking fun at the mono-browed muppet. Interesting trivia: a photomontage of Bert and Osama Bin Laden that was created for this site actually appeared on a poster made in Pakistan by Bin Laden's supporters. Truth is stranger than fiction. Out of business -- see The Museum of e-failure above.

  • Disturbing Auctions - Bizarre auction site listings compiled by Steven Frank. You can even add your own. My own contribution was the 1940 fruitcake I saw for sale on eBay. Just as fresh as ever!

  • Prawnography - If crustaceans were porn stars. Slutty shrimp!

  • Shakespeare Magnet Poetry - Virtual fridge magnets. Dennis would be pleased.

  • WuName - Features the Wu-Tang Clan name generator. My WuName is Homicidal Terrahawk. What's yours?

  • Stinky Meat - Yes, it's a website about a plate of rotting meat. Delicious! Also features Stinky Feet (really gross) and the Fat Contest (there are no losers).

  • The Bubble Wrap site - Includes virtual bubblewrap. Finally!

  • Gobler Toys - The history of a toy company that never existed. Featuring Ethel the Opera Lobster and other fine products.Nothing to buy! - actually not true any more. What is the web coming to?

  • Strange Magazine - Real people tell their stories: alien abductions, giant crabs, etc. Yikes!

  • Killer Fonts - Now you can write a letter in Jack the Ripper's handwriting.  Neat!

  • Coney Island U.S.A - Hermaphrodites, bearded ladies, etc. Fun for the kids!

  • Bill Plympton's website - You know, the animator.And now there's another Plympton website: which features the "anicam," a webcam that lets folks watch Plympton create his new animated feature, "Hair High," from start to finish. The camera, over Bill's shoulder, is on from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

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  • The Moxie - A blog about opening a cinema. "Over the last 8,640,000,000 milliseconds, I've served up nearly 30,000 incredibly funny words, including, but not limited to: mimosas, hat, the, fork, five deck platterpus, wizz, and weenus."

  • Here's a site that ranks blogs and accomplishes other weird web-related stuff. They offered up this handy link so you can search their site!!! Cool!

    Search Popdex:
  • The Dullest Blog in the World - Dave Walker has set out to create the dullest blog ever and by all accounts he has succeeded admirably.

  • - Snarky metrosexuals in NYC chat about Anna Wintour and speculate on the gayness of one another's boyfriends. This is either why you live in NYC -- or why you don't. For other New York-centric blogs, visit And hey -- we're on the map!

  • Technorati - A site that ranks blogs and tracks blog updates. I found the site confusing, but my online journal predates my awareness of the whole concept of a blog, so what the hell do I know?

  • Justin - Everything you always wanted to know about Justin -- and then there's more!  (Justin is featured in the 1999 Sundance documentary Home Page -- see Other Indie Film Sites on the Cherry links page).

  • Joe & Julie's Trip to Fiji - A postcard epic. Featuring Eugenie the annoying dog!


  • Camera Mail - This is the latest sensation -- attach a camera to a giant postcard and mail it to a friend in the hope that your friendly postal employees will snap candid shots of themselves sorting mail. A rogue subset of Mail Art!

  • Guess Where? - This link directs you to Flickr's compilation of photos of New York City. If you can guess where the photos are taken you will win the admiration of the habituees of Flickr. Good photos also garner kind words.

  • - A popular photoblogging site. I found it annoyingly slow-to-load (and that's with DSL, dude).

  • Big Happy Fun House - Ron Slattery's collection of found photographs. Sublime images with text to match.

  • Word Photo - Word themes seeking photographs to match. "Peace" was today's word; a thoughtful choice in light of the bombings in London this morning.

  • Natalie - A found wedding album and other photos of a mysterious resident of Brooklyn from the 1970's. Visitors are invited to help create a fictional life for this missing person. Not very clearly organized, but similar to Abbie's Story (see The Found Photograph Sites below).

  • When I Was Little - Continuing the theme of photo compilations, this one is devoted to paired pictures of people when they were little and now, usually with self-revealing commentary.

  • The Mirror Project - A compilation of more than 12,000 photos submitted by visitors to the site. The only criteria is that the photos must be self-portraits shot in some sort of reflective surface. Some pretty artistic stuff. A relates site is, which offers more conventional in-the-mirror self-portraits.

  • Then there's the Daily Photo Project. Jonathan Keller has taken a self portrait every day for the last several years. Not for the faint of heart: he often wears the same shirt two days in a row (!). Jon ought to animate the results and enter himself in the Ten Second Film contest (see Great Sites for Film Enthusiasts above). NEW! 2007 update: Hey--I'm a genius. Jonathan did animate himself and is posted on YouTube alongside Noah, who became more famous for doing the same thing. This young woman does it, too. And, as if that is not enough, there are dozens of moronic parodies, as well.

  • The Found Photograph sites - Renewal offers several collections of found photos; Spillway invites visitors to post found photos on the site; IsThisYou, attempts to unite people with their lost photos; Abbie's Story allows the viewer to make up a story about a coy woman in an old found photograph and post it on the site (yawn). Each of these sites treats the finding of anonymous photos differently.

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