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Indie Slate Magazine covers film, video and digital entertainment in Texas and the Southwest. Many resources for independent filmmakers and crew.

Texas Hunks
A round-up of the grooviest guys from Texas, courtesy of

Texas State Film Commission

Sounds Like Texas
A site for the many fans of Texas music. Everything from Willie Nelson to the Derailers.

Texas Film Development Corp.
A guide for resources available when filming in Texas, including information on the new Texas law allowing for bank loans of up to 60% of a film's budget. A bit of a non-starter, I'm afraid.

San Antonio Convention & Visitor's Bureau
Also the home of the San Antonio Film Commission.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice
If you're dying to know what the boys on death row had for their last meal, here's the place for you.

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A crime information site (which may be defunct -- see "The Museum of E-Failure" in Time to Kill Dept. below).

Jail Cam
Four cameras in the Maricopa County, Arizona jail allow viewers to watch detainees being led into the jail in handcuffs, being fingerprinted, booked and taken to holding cells -- all live.
A website for cops. One stop shopping for information, organizations, headlines -- and special places that only cops can go!

Here's the official website for the Fox TV show, featuring "creepy, jerkily shot video clips from upcoming shows" (EW) and the Dumb Criminals section.

Texas Municipal Police Association
Texas' oldest full service law enforcement association.

Texas Patch
This is where they get those nifty custom-stitched shoulder patches.

America's Most Wanted
"As sleazy as the mug shots inside the Recent Captures archives" - EW

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Cypress Films Home Page
If this is not how you got to the EvenHand website, check it out.

Making Cherry
A daily diary on the making of Cherry, an independent feature film. Every aspect of indie filmmaking -- from pre-production to distribution -- is scrutinized in a journal by Peter Kreutzer and Joseph Pierson.

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Parker Posey's Suburbia Journal
It's just like having a conversation with Parker Posey, only you don't get to say anything.

A movie about a cop in a small town. An interesting site. Of particular note is the mysterious Crown of Thorns girl. While the PiG website leads one to believe the film is a documentary, a review posted on the site makes it clear that it's not.

Sammy owns the town. Sammy is the law. Cool movie, awesome poster.

An independent film by Kat Candler. Shot in Austin, seeking finishing funds.

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There is a huge amount of information out there for filmmakers and film buffs.  This list barely scratches the surface.

  • The Internet Movie Database - Lots of info, including cast & crew, on films of all types (Cypress' various projects are listed).
  • - Post a pitch of 250 words or less and if they like it they'll give you $50,000, a director's chair with your name on it on set and take all the profits from your blockbuster!
  • CineCityFilm - Lists important facilities, addresses of businesses and production resources for independent filmmakers working in New York City.
  • Madstone Films - They will produce digital movies shot by first-time directors and distribute them to theaters via the Madstone Digital Distribution Network.
  • D. Film - A haven for independent films.
  • - A site that has links to hundreds of official film websites.
  • - A website for indie filmmakers. Contains links to 800+ filmmaker sites.
  • ReelUniverse - A website devoted to helping indie films find distribution. Includes synopses, reviews, streaming video trailers and lots of links, too.
  • - Mostly mainstream coverage of the entertainment world.
  • Film Festivals - An indispensable database of most film festivals with website links. Thanks, Mark!
  • - Another Film Festival Database.
  • Film Finders - A place to list your film for free. Distributors pay to peruse the listings.
  • IndieWIRE - The latest news from the independent film world.
  • - Resources for filmmakers and hundreds of links to other film sites. This is "Not Filmmaker Magazine!"
  • Filmmaker Magazine - This is Filmmaker Magazine!
  • - And this is not Filmmaker Magazine! "Cinematic links a-go-go" by category. "Great one-stop film info shopping" (quotes from EW).
  • Project Greenlight - Matt Damon & Ben Affleck's search for an indie film to finance. The winner will get a $1 million budget and an HBO series on the making of the film. Check out the lucky winner.
  • IndieFilm - "The place for independent filmmakers on the internet."
  • Drew's Scripts-O-Rama - Links to more than 600 famous screenplays and some unproduced screenplays for sale.
  • American Zoetrope - "A virtual Schwab's drugstore for screenwriters" says The N.Y. Times.
  • The Mad Screenwriter - Internet resource directory for writers, performers and filmmakers with special sections for women in film and international filmmakers & writers.
  • Deep Focus - Lots of film reviews -- and "no drooling references to Drew Barrymore."
  • Cinemachine - The Movie Review Search Engine.  Another great service found only on the web.
  •  NEW! - "Eggs" are hidden features found on many DVD's, such as audio clips, trailers, outtakes and micromentaries. This site tells you how to find a bunch of them.
  • The Nitpicker Site - "Amateur-looking" site for fans of continuity errors. Filmmakers (like me) hate these kind of sites, because they ignore the real truths of filmmaking -- storytelling and character development in favor of, well, nitpicking stupid details. If this is why you go to the movies -- enjoy!
  • Useless Movie Quotes - A "random collection of choice movie lines." (EW)
  • Moviesneak - The movie hopper's guide. Advice on how to sneak into films at your local cineplex, such as: "follow a wandering child."
  • MoviePooper - Not to be confused with Moviesneak. This site gives away surprise endings to films (e.g.: The Crying Game -- she's a he!).
  • - The website of our composer, Joel Goodman.

  • - A place to buy videos and DVDs on the web. Most of Cypress' films can be purchased here -- and if you do it through this link, we get some pathetically small percentage of the sales price!
  • The Picture Palace - Where to go if you are looking for videos of "trashy camp films," "beat poetry" or "Persian and Iranian-American films." They have more than 52,000 obscure and hard-to-find titles.

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This is why the web was created -- to replace television!

  • The Brick Collectors Homepage  NEW! - Do you like to drive your pick-up truck 1,000 miles to swap a half-ton of bricks with another guy with a half-ton of bricks? Welcome home!
  • The Museum of E-Failure  NEW! - Home pages archived by the site's creator, Steve Baldwin, are the only surviving elements of websites that have crashed and burned (unless you count the occasional sock puppet for sale on eBay). This site has collected hundreds of defunct home pages. So, what happens if Steve's site goes under?
  •  NEW! - Features a true random number generator, using atmospheric noise (whatever that is). There is also a truly random virtual coin toss for those sticky decisions -- and you can choose the type of coin that's flipped. Heads or tails? 
  • OZ Prison Names - Get your very own prison nickname. Without going to jail!
  • Bert is Evil - Poking fun at the mono-browed muppet.
  • Disturbing Auctions - Bizarre auction site listings compiled by Steven Frank. You can even add your own. My own contribution was the 1940 fruitcake I saw for sale on eBay. Just as fresh as ever!
  • Prawnography - If crustaceans were porn stars. Slutty shrimp!
  • Obsessive Fan Sites - Here's where to go if you're an obsessive fan and want to see the fine work of other obsessive fans.
  • Crank Dot Net - An index of more than 1,000 pseudo-science sites ranked from "Cranky" (downright strange) to "Illucid" (Something so bizarre that it defies understanding). Where obsessive fans go for laughs.
  • Shakespeare Magnet Poetry - Virtual fridge magnets. Dennis would be pleased.
  • Anagram Fun - For those of you who can't remember high school, an anagram is a rescrambling of words to make different words.
  • Joe & Julie's Trip to Fiji - A postcard epic. Featuring Eugenie the annoying dog!
  • Bondgirls - When you type in your name, the site creates a Bond Girl name especially for you. Pussy Galore, eat your...heart out.
  • WuName - Features the Wu-Tang Clan name generator. My WuName is Homicidal Terrahawk. What's yours?
  • Stinky Meat - Yes, it's a website about a plate of rotting meat. Delicious!
  • The Bubble Wrap site - Includes virtual bubblewrap. Finally!
  • Gobler Toys - The history of a toy company that never existed. Nothing to buy!
  • Strange Magazine - Real people tell their stories: alien abductions, giant crabs, etc. Yikes!
  • Killer Fonts - Now you can write a letter in Jack the Ripper's handwriting.  Neat!
  • Coney Island U.S.A. - Hermaphrodites, bearded ladies, etc. Fun for the kids!
  • Justin - Everything you always wanted to know about Justin -- and then there's more!  (Justin is featured in the 1999 Sundance documentary Home Page -- see Other Indie Film Sites on the Cherry links page)
  • Bill Plympton's website - You know, the animator.

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