Established in 1987 by producing partners Joseph Pierson and Jon Glascoe, Cypress Films, Inc. is a successful, independent, New York-based television and film production company. Since its inception, Cypress has written, financed, produced and/or distributed more than forty hours of popular, award-winning programs for television markets worldwide, including half a dozen made-for-cable movies and one miniseries. The companyís first feature film, Julian Po, made a widely praised debut in competition at the Deauville International Film Festival, and its second, Cherry, premiered at the 1999 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and is now available at Blockbuster Video stores nationwide. Cypress' third feature, EvenHand, is currently screening at film festivals worldwide. The film will premiere on the Sundance Channel in December 2003. Please visit the EvenHand website for details.

Cypress was founded thirty years ago with the partnersí screenplay adaptation (along with Peter Kreutzer) of Dylan Thomasí classic prose poem, A Childís Christmas in Wales. The film, for which the company raised all of the financing, was released by PBS to instant critical acclaim, sold profitably throughout the world, and has gone on to become a staple of holiday programming watched by millions each year.

In 1989, Cypress successfully closed an international distribution deal, generating a production fund of $33 million with which the company, in partnership with Atlantis Releasing, deficit-financed and produced dozens of hours of television, including the Emmy-winning Lost in the Barrens for the Disney Channel, and TNTís four-hour miniseries The Sound and the Silence, winner of the CableAce for "Best International Movie or Miniseries."

The success of those films attracted the attention of the private- placement investment community, some of whom helped finance several more projects; among them, Sodbusters, starring Kris Krisofferson, which aired on Showtime. Variety called the film "hilarious."

In 1995, Cypress developed, co-produced and co-financed Kurt Vonnegutís short story Harrison Bergeron as a feature-length film for Showtime. The movie, starring Sean Astin, Christopher Plummer, and Buck Henry, was cited by Mr. Vonnegut as "important as the best work of the sorely missed Paddy Chayefsky." The New York Daily News called it "the best telemovie of the year."

In 1997, Cypress developed and produced Julian Po, an independent feature film distributed by Fine Line and New Line International. The film, starring Christian Slater and Robin Tunney, was released on 75 screens nationally, and was hailed by Variety as "a beautifully controlled fable whose profound underpinnings are buoyed by luminous comic timing."

Cypress' most recent feature film is EvenHand, a drama about cops in a small city in Texas, written by Mike Jones, starring Bill Sage and Bill Dawes. EvenHand was directed by Joseph Pierson and was filmed on location in San Antonio, Texas in April, 2001. Now available on video and DVD at a video store or website near you. For more information, please visit the the EvenHand website.

The companyís long-term goals are to develop and produce a manageable number of programs simultaneously; to keep overhead low; to influence the markets for those shows; to balance the predictable returns of television with the upside potential of theatrical movies; to maintain a share of copyright; and to keep making modestly budgeted, high quality, concept-driven films for a worldwide marketplace in the environment of an experienced and stable company.

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