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The DVD cover art
(loads better than the VHS cover art!)

was released on DVD by Ventura Distribution on November 15, 2005.

To order a copy, please follow this link to or compare prices on Buy Innovations, DVD Empire, DeepDiscountDVD,, and Movies Unlimited. The DVD can also be ordered by phone from Movies Unlimited at (800) 668-4344. We're not sure yet which retailers plan on carrying the film. But, hats off to Showcase Entertainment and Ventura for finally bringing Cherry to DVD!

In other news, observe the interesting similarities in the Must Love Dogs poster art to that of Cherry:


Woman on left, guy on right with legs akimbo and hands clasped, winsome glances, casual attire, cute furry dog in middle, urban park setting, etc. Incidentally, we still have some Cherry posters for sale. Please visit the Cypress Films Stuff for Sale page.

Jane's Virgin

August 2006 update: I suppose it was only a matter of time before life imitated our particular form of art. Jane Magazine has introduced us to Sarah, a 29-year-old virgin living in New York who wants to lose her virginity by the time she is 30. Here is a link to the Jane Magazine article. Sarah is now 30, by the way, and remains a virgin, so there's still hope for all of us (1/07).

The Cherry website has an extensive journal on the making of the film, so I encourage you to visit the index and poke around. Click on the Journal logo below:

In other Cypress news, the EvenHand website is still being updated on a semi-regular basis, so click on the logo below to see what's going on with our latest film:

And, before we go, here are some of the hidden treasures on the Cherry website:

- Joseph Pierson


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