Cherry Synopsis:

"On my parents grave, I swear to God that I will never again let some
lying clown tell me he loves me, much less agree to marry him for it."

So swore 19-year-old LEILA SWEET on the day she was dumped at the altar. Making good on her promise, she has avoided anything vaguely resembling love or marriage since. But, at the age of 29 (and still a virgin), Leila sees her biological clock ticking away and decides to have a child. The old-fashioned way. But where does a beautiful New Yorker go when she needs an entry-level course on the birds and the bees? Her gay uncles, ERNEST and MAMMY, who have raised her since her parents’ untimely demise, are not much help.

So, Leila visits BEVERLY KIRK, a gynecologist. But once in the doctor’s office, she is shocked to discover that Beverly is not a she but a shy, handsome man. Though Doctor Kirk reminds Leila that there is more than one definition for the word "chemistry," it’s not love she seeks, but "one-shot, child producing impregnation."

The waitresses at Leila’s failing muffin shop, DARCY and DOTTIE, are quick to point out that "even if you have to pay for it, you need a date to have sex." So when Leila places an ad in the paper for a prospective donor ("No romantics or commitment-seekers please"), she has men lined up around the block. And she remembers why she avoided them all these years.

Then Leila meets the right clown: EDDIE, professional children’s entertainer. He’s young, attractive and ready to go. But Leila soon learns something the rest of us knew all along: sex can be complicated. So, it’s back to Doctor Kirk for more advice. And just when Leila thinks she’s got it all figured out, love starts getting in the way.

CHERRY is about romance and sex and all that good stuff. It’s also about discovering that some promises CAN be broken...especially when the right guy comes along.