The Last Dragon Locations (1984)

* THE MASTER'S HOME/STUDIO: 2 Old Fulton St. in Brooklyn (at Fulton Ferry Landing)

* Leroy walking from the Master’s home/studio: Brooklyn Heights Promenade (along Furman St.) Leroy is south of Clark St. and is walking north, toward the Brooklyn Bridge.

* Establishing shot of Chinatown: 66 Mott St., looking south, in Manhattan

* Movie theater where Sho’nuff interrupts "Enter the Dragon": interior of Victory Theater at 209 W. 42nd St., between 7th and 8th avenues, in Manhattan. This theater was one of the many notorious porn/martial arts theaters on 42nd Street. When we filmed there it was a wreck and reeked of cat piss. But it was the perfect 100% authentic location for the theater scenes in the film. In the early 2000's it was beautifully restored and rechristened as the New Victory Theater as a venue for children's theater.

* 7th Heaven entrance: 77 Laight St., at Washington St., in Manhattan (When the kids are coming down the exterior stairs, it’s around the corner at 399 Washington St.)

* Cab scene where Leroy beats up guys in limo and hails a cab for Laura: SE corner of West St. and Vestry St. in Manhattan.

* DADDY GREEN'S PIZZA "A Slice of Soul": Village East Pizzeria at 180 Avenue C, at E. 11th St., in Manhattan.

* Boombox scene with Leroy carrying his younger brother en route to dance contest: W. 54th St., just east of 10th Ave., in Manhattan (See next entry.) The guy sitting on steps in this brief scene is at 448 W. 54th, and the white sign with black lettering is now Safelite Auto Glass at 446 W. 54th St. (where I get my glass replaced when my car is broken into. Yes, that still happens in NYC)

* Seventh Heaven Dance Contest (Neverland) exterior: The line of dancers was on W. 54th St., just east of 10th Ave., in Manhattan, though that building is no longer standing (The AT&T building visible in the background is still there); Leroy waiting outside the building and seeing Laura put in the van was on W. 53rd, just east of 10th Ave. This building was the old 20th Century Fox Movietone News building where the newsreels were produced. All the club interiors were filmed here, and at that time, the painted Movietone News sign was still visible on the side of the building. The studio was closed and demolished in 2007. here's what AM New York had to say:

June 14, 2007, 7:30 AM EDT
Citing difficult times in the recording industry, Sony BMG is closing its historic Hell's Kitchen studios, where artists such as J. Lo have recorded and movies such as "Shaft" were filmed. The five-story red-brick building on West 54th Street and 10th Avenue will no longer house Sony Music Studios, according to an internal memo obtained by amNewYork. The June 8 memo said that employees will be terminated when the studios close in mid-to late-August.

(The brick building Leroy sits next to is gone, but most of the rest of the surroundings still look the same, including P.S. 111 Adolph S. Ochs School on 53rd. The van is on 53rd and turns right onto 10th, past the AT&T building.)

* Sum Dum Goy Fortune Cookies: Walker St., at Cortlandt Alley (between Broadway and Lafayette St.), in Manhattan.

* Laura’s apartment: 40 W. 15th St., between 5th and 6th Avenues, in Manhattan.

* Leroy driving with Laura: Park Ave., just south of E. 71st St., in Manhattan.

* The big fight scene at the end of the film was shot at the Washburn Wire Works in East Harlem, right off the FDR Drive. Here's a picture of the factory in better times. For years this was a festering, abandoned post-industrial wasteland. It served as a great location for the fight scenes, but it was a miserable place to film. The roofs all leaked and it was full of waste water, toxic sludge and rusting machinery. And junkies. It was eventually demolished in 2004 and replaced with the East River Plaza Mall.